North Caucasus Federal University, Russia

The North Caucasus Federal University (NCFU) counts more than 25 000 students, 650 PhD students, more than 2 000 teaching staff. It is the major educational and research center of the North-Caucasus Federal district. It trains students of 86 nationalities from the North Caucasus and 41 foreign countries. NCFU has sustainable cooperation with academic partners from 26 countries and is an active participant of regional, national and global academic networks. In 2014, professors from Great Britain, Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Iran, Armenia, the Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil and Japan lectured at NCFU.

The Law Institute of NCFU is an important part of educational and social-economical life of the North-Caucasus region. The main objectives of Law Institute are development of law education and science and training of highly qualified professionals in the field of law. At the Law Institute operate 4 research laboratories, 2 scientific and educational centers, a Legal Education center, criminalistics laboratory, where students get complete view of the profession and an opportunity to improve their knowledge obtained during the course of lectures and seminars, the ability to organize and plan various professional activities.

Within the network, the North Caucasus Federal University's main activities include organization and coordination of two winter schools - Winter School Pyatigorsk 2016 and Winter School Stavropol 2017.

NCFU key staff members:

Prof. Dmitrii A. Smirnov - a Director of the Law Institute of NCFU and head of Chair of Administrative and Financial Law, an academic coordinator and member of teaching staff

Dr Anna Avanesova - lecturer, coordinator of International Relations department of NCFU, member of teaching staff

Dr Viktoriya Savina - associate Professor of the Law Institute of NCFU, Chair of Civil law and procedure, member of teaching staff