History in Motion in Armenia: Soveite Era Monuments and their Spacio-Historical Significance

While keeping an eye on the political developments in Armenia, it is important to take a step back and consider these developments within a broader context. Anahit Gharibyan, Research Fellow at the Center of Oral History founded by Konrad Adenauer Stifung, has used her research on Armenian monuments to draw some interesting conclusions and provoke many more questions for how monuments influence daily practices.


DescNet Workshop: A Fundamental Contribution for Sustainable Teaching Techniques

Volkan Ipek, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations at Yeditepe University (Istanbul, Turkey), reflects on his experience at the DescNet sponsored event Teaching in a Multicultural Environment last month at Tartu University.


“A Century of Eurasianism: The Evolution of an Ideology”

Overview by Hannah Allen, Higher School of Economics in Saint Petersburg


"Let's start a school in the middle of nowhere" and 'Escape from Modernity'


Biopower and Geopolitics in the Black Sea and the Caucasus

Kääriku, Valgamaa, Estonia

11-17 February 2018


Politically United, Globally Isolated Russia: Article summary of 'Symbol of the war-but which one'

The Winter School "Biopolitics and Geopolitics in the Black Sea and the Caucasus" has finally kicked off! Participants will be asking and working to answer several questions in Kääriku, among which the meanings of art and symbols will be analyzed.


Encourage Local and Foreign Students to Interact During and Outsdie of Class!

Name: Nodar Tangiashvili

Country: Georgia

Home Institution: Tbilisi State University

Position: Invited Lecturer

Research Focus: Public Policy


Previous experience teaching or learning in a multicultural environment: