TEACHING POLITICALLY SENSITIVE ISSUES: (Click the button above to read the discussion)

Join the discussion of various students, scholars, and practitioners in exchanging ideas and experiences of teaching politically sensitive issues in the classroom. 

What programs have you been involved in which address teaching politically sensitive issues?

Which approaches worked in this situation?

Do you have any tips what NOT to do when dealing with potentially sensitive topics?

How can educators handle hot topics where students have conflicting beliefs and values?

EUROPEAN STUDIES EXPERIENCES: (Click the button above to read the discussion)

DescNet is devoted to developing European Studies in the Caucasus Region. This means that it is essential to identify and repeat the successes of current programs. Without feedback from former or current students, researchers, and lecturers from or with experience in the region, identifying these successes or areas for improvement of European Studies in the Caucasus would be impossible!

Let's share our impressions, experiences, recommendations, and opinions to continue to improve the academic level of European Studies and support opportunities in the region. If you have any experience teaching or attending and organizing courses, workshops, or conferences, please share your observations and suggestions with your peers here in the comments section or contact our communications team!


Regional Focus

Religion and Soft Power in the South Caucasus: Interview with the Editor!

Focus on Teaching Methodologies

European Studies

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